Remarkable for any occassion

Prom, wedding, special event - the season of festive occasions is in full swing, and we have the right clothes that will make you look dazzling!


The French have a saying that goes: "… in (the month of) May do what pleases you!". Driven by this good wish and on the eve of one of the most beloved spring holidays, we decided to inspire you with a few gift ideas.


Have you ever wondered what spring fashion would look like without a beautiful floral print? This pattern never goes out of style, and this makes it an asset for any classy wardrobe. You can't go wrong with the floral print, as this year's floral patterns are a mix of classics: bright and colorful, delicate or large-scale.


Libra has an inner need for beauty and harmony - so its representatives are looking for the perfect combination, regardless of the occasion. Fans of social life, Libra strive for the adequacy of any situation and like to experiment with bright colors.

Astro style - part 1

What happens when fashion meets astrology? To entertain you, inspire you and make you smile, we researched what clothes the zodiac signs like and what you will most often find in their wardrobe,

Our bouquet is for you!

DiKa's garden blooms with spring flowers. In the most feminine month, we prepared ideas for exquisite styling and / or a beautiful gift. Instead of a bouquet, give a flower garden with our new fine spring sweaters and elegant dresses. These are the most durable flowers that will delight you for a long time and will emphasize your beauty!

How to wear denim this spring?

Denim occupies a special place in the Spring 22 collection, combining traditional comfort with extravagant elements. Special attention is again paid to the cuts - which are adapted to different body types to emphasize them optimally. The goal is to feel attractive, stylish and confident.

Why is it important to have pastels in the wardrobe?

Spring 2022 will introduce our wardrobes to some of the dreamiest, yet wearable colors: the pastels.

Blue bird - dare to be happy!

Color of happiness, joy and prosperity – also known as the shade "blue bird" – leading color in the SPRING '22 collection.

The blue bird has been known since ancient China and India, and its impressive color finds a place in a number of art genres - painting, literature, music. It is also called the "bird of happiness". 

3 tips to stay warm in style

The winter season and low temperatures are a real challenge for the elegant style. We have collected some practical tips to ensure warmth and ease of the body, while looking stylish and feeling as comfortable as possible.


Bright, eye-catching and adventurous: tropical pink is one of the colors that will always make us feel on vacation! What better way to make a smooth transition to the spring we look forward to?

Spring 22 is already here!

The new collection pays homage to the authentic DNA brand, establishing an inseparable continuity between past, present and future. In it we rediscover the iconic DiKa models - women's dresses and perfectly tailored suits, created for the stylish woman of today.

The knitwear you need

Autumn is the season of knitwear. This is the type of clothing we associate with the words comfort and softness, with coziness and warmth in cold weather. The knits in DiKa's Autumn 21 collection combine comfort with elegance and are adapted to the hybrid lifestyle, to the corporate and home office environment.

Faux leather: stylish and eco-responsible

Faux leather clothing continues to be a leading worldwide trend. They enjoy unprecedented interest for ethical and environmental reasons.

Life is short, buy the bag!

These words are by an unknown author, but they sound especially relevant today. In a time of perpetual change and dynamic lifestyle, style remains the constant value that gives us confidence and a sense of calmness.

How to combine black and white?

Black and white is a classic color combination that will never go out of style. It's an iconic color scheme. Runaways show this is the chicest trend for Fall 21.

Head-turning embellishment details

Did you know that in the past, embroidery on fabrics was a sign of luxury and high status? At a time when we began to appreciate even more every occasion and special event, we created for you garments with exquisite embellishments. 

The coats you will want to wear all season long

When the coats are so beautiful, cold weather does not scare us - we look forward to it!

In the spirit of our hybrid everyday life - between home office and physical spaces, silhouettes are fluid, with a belt emphasizing the waist. 

Back to business

If you love the sense of opportunity that every Monday brings, then September’s back to business is your time. Time for business, time for success, which must be dressed in the right clothes.

3 denim trends for the new season

What you can never go wrong with is a pair of jeans, a nice shirt and a well-tailored jacket. A winning combination that we are happy to rediscover in today's times of hybrid work, remote office and an overall return to a more casual and informal style.