It is shirts time!

The shirt is the garment where the true craftsmanship of a fashion brand is clearly visible. It is evident from the way of manufacturing...

September is style

In the month where we most strongly feel the transition between styles and seasons, the focus is on feminine dresses and elegant looks, complemented by impeccable jackets.

Dare to try: the cropped jacket

We first saw these silhouettes in the street style shots of Milan and Paris fashion weeks, and soon after they became a permanent part of everyday life, including in a more business-oriented environment.

Your dream dress

The dress: the most feminine garment, a faithful ally and a favorite addition to the wardrobe. The new season pays special tribute to the dress with a variety of cuts, fabrics and colors.....

The jeans you will fall in love with!

Every woman dreams of those special jeans that: emphasize the body in the best way, are comfortable to wear and go good together with all favorite clothes from the wardrobe.


The second best place we love to have butterflies flutter is the closet! Bring joy and good emotion into everyday life with this colorful print, a symbol of love, happiness and well-being.


Dazzling white highlighted by the rays of the sun. If you are looking for the most sophisticated combination this season, cotton tweed outfits in white are the right choice. Stylish and timeless, they convey a message of elegance and excellent taste.

Dopamine in the wardrobe: golden poppy from the collection of DiKa

Golden poppy is the other statement color in DiKa's Fall '22 collection. Warm and energizing, it is the symbol of health, self-confidence, optimism and renewal.

Code violet

The new season catches the eye with an irresistible deep violet. Precisely selected to suit light and dark hair, the violet color is a wardrobe addition you can't go wrong with. The color symbolizes luxury, wealth, generosity and mystery.....

The new collection is here!

This new season collection comes with two statement colors: violet and golden poppy. It is inspired by long-awaited return to the dynamics of corporate life and the search for classic business silhouettes refreshed by the spirit of the times....


Switching to a summer wardrobe is one of the easiest and most enjoyable transitions we must make every year.Summer makes everything more beautiful and brings the feeling that everything is possible! The days are long, the fabrics are light, the hours outside are many, and nice clothes bring joy everyday.


Let’s welcome the summer with the sunniest colors! Yellow, orange, ocher and designer prints, weaving the most summer shades, immerse us in the joy of life.


Green is the trendiest color this season. Dresses, suits, accessories, overflowing from bright green to khaki and pastel shades.

​Sea or city break?

Here comes the time for holidays and long weekends. Whether you choose the beach, the mountains or tourism in the city, here you will find everything for an elegant escape from everyday life.


The time for summer dresses has come! In our collection you will find models with designer prints, feminine details and romantic embroidery.

Natural fabrics

Summer 22 collection pays special attention to fabrics as linen, cotton, hemp. Natural in origin, high-quality and durable, they are the best allies of the body in warm weather.

Did you know that:

Remarkable for any occassion

Prom, wedding, special event - the season of festive occasions is in full swing, and we have the right clothes that will make you look dazzling!


The French have a saying that goes: "… in (the month of) May do what pleases you!". Driven by this good wish and on the eve of one of the most beloved spring holidays, we decided to inspire you with a few gift ideas.


Have you ever wondered what spring fashion would look like without a beautiful floral print? This pattern never goes out of style, and this makes it an asset for any classy wardrobe. You can't go wrong with the floral print, as this year's floral patterns are a mix of classics: bright and colorful, delicate or large-scale.


Libra has an inner need for beauty and harmony - so its representatives are looking for the perfect combination, regardless of the occasion. Fans of social life, Libra strive for the adequacy of any situation and like to experiment with bright colors.